New CD ready for release

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<p=“align“>We are proude to announce the releasedate of our new CD „Nibiru“ – 23.11.2012. There are many myths about the year 2012 – but it is a fact that Sleepwalk will return with a new album in the twentieth year of their existence.


<p=“align“>It´s called “Nibiru” and is the first concept album in the history of the band. It tells the story of the lost planet, and its return in 2012. The new Sleepwalk sound is more diverse than ever, without denying their roots. They prove that it is possible to combine Clubsound with sophisticated songwriting. Potential club hits are combined with anthemic tracks for the perfect musical background of the apocalyptic visions. Nibiru features Dennis Schober from Solitary Experiments and Tino Claus from the labelmates Amnistia as guest vocalists. The CD will be released in a limited edition with bonus CD on which you can listen to remixes and reinterpretations of some album tracks from Daniel Myer, Kant Kino, Controlled Fusion, Abscess, Stendeck, Reizstrom, Framework and Nine Seconds. It is a fitting conclusion for the second decade of the band’s history and an outlook on the future. I posted some samples if you want to check us out at

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