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The Swiss Electro-Trio Sleepwalk is the guarantee that Bern in Switzerland not only has to offer tranquility and numbered accounts. After being founded by Bruno Ruch and Oliver Spring in 1992 SLEEPWALK published the first two tapes „Synthetic Force“ and „Suffer in Silence“ before, in April 1994, the first MCD „Immortal Disease“ was published by the Swiss label Rising Records. This was followed by the debut album „Door To Insomnia“ 1996/Khazad-Dum) and the MCD „Hypnotize“ (1998/Khazad-Dum), which laid the foundation stone for Sleepwalk’s growing popularity.

The second album „Black Diagnose“ (Scanner) is firmly committed to the strategy „from the legs into the head „, although Sleepwalk can shine through even modest and subtile shades, and a good dose of playfulness and humor. The long-standing collaboration between Bruno and Oliver Ruch Spring ended in 2005 after the release of „Rapid Eye Movement“ (Scanner).

Sleepwalk was then reformed as trio with Andreas Lehmann and Roland Ruch. First sign of life after the restart was the free web-EP „Revenge Of The Lost“published in 2009. Sleepwalk are currently working on the next fulltime release. This April appears due to the large demand the free web-published EP „Revenge of the lost“ in a physical form.

You should expect some surprises. The limited edition EP will contain two bonus tracks, and a four remixes from Painbastard, Stereomotion, Supreme Court and Reizstrom. Besides the studio work another focus of Sleepwalk is a strong live presence from Europe to America. Sleepwalk will be a convincing returner after a long pause in the Electronic Circus.

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