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Synthetic Force (1993, Tape)

Suffer in Silence (1993, Tape)

Immortal Disease (1994, Mini CD) (Rising Records)

Door to Insomnia (1996, Khazad Dum/ SPV)

Hypnotize MCD (1997, Khazad Dum/ SPV)

The Icy Top (1998, No Official Release)

Black Diagnose (1999, Scanner/ SPV)

Spirits from the Inside (2000, Scanner/ SPV)

Final Impact MCD (2001, Scanner/ SPV)

Torture Chamber (2002, Scanner/ SPV)

Retrospect 94-96 (The Early Years) (2003, Scanner/ Soulfood)

No Compromise EP (2003, Scanner/ Soulfood)

Rapid Eye Movement (2004, Scanner/ Soulfood)

Revenge of the Lost (2009, Free Web EP)

Revenge of the Lost (2011, Scanner/ Broken Silence)

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